The upcoming solar eclipse from Ayurvedic perspective

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If your relationships have been strained or things have been a bit chaotic in your life the last week or so, you can probably blame the solar eclipse coming up this Monday because energy begins to shift not only days before an eclipse, but weeks, and even years before the actual eclipse day. This is […]

Are you glowing with good health?

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A woman in love, young babies, and teenagers (full of energy) –  all have it. It’s called OJAS. Ojas is a subtle bodily substance described in Ayurveda as the foundation of our overall health, happiness, and resilience to stress.  The word literally means ‘luster’, ‘splendor’, or ‘strength’. Ojas is formed by our bodily tissues and […]

When your soul is bare

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It’s not everyday you meet someone you can bare your soul to without judgement. It’s even more rare to meet couples that you and your partner can not only enjoy spending time with, but actually feel like you’ve known them forever. It happened out of no where, and the odds were very rare! Us, moving […]

Energy healing – is epigenetics!

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The last 3 weeks have been incredibly fulfilling and consciously expanding for sure. I spent them in Nevada City, CA, at the College of Ayurveda, studying Marma Therapy (yes, I am now a Marmani ), as well as a few days at the end of the training period learning how to give an Ayurvedic Facial, […]

Sometimes, there is no black and white

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It’s been a summer of allowing and receiving.  Receiving in many different forms, from many different sources, and from a place of allowing them to flow into my life. How else would I be able to change, and to continue to grow, to continue to live from a place of pure contentment, joy, and freedom […]

Burning Issue

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Happy Summer Solstice I’m keeping this short and simple as I just got back from Greece, and I’m pretty jet lagged….but I just couldn’t let the first day of summer go by without writing to you!  Right before I left for Greece, I had a basal cell carcinoma removed, and it got pretty infected.  Long story […]

Ageless Beauty

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Right now I’m in Greece, and the temperatures are rising and everyone is already swimming and getting their tan on. I’m quite surprised how many tourists are flooding the country already and it’s only June 5th! I also noticed how tempers are flaring, you see the heat, increases intensity in the mind, causing Pitta dominant individuals […]

4 Ways to Love Yourself More

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It’s hard to imagine more powerful words than “I am enough”, “I am beautiful”, or “I am gifted”! How do you feel when you state these words out loud?  How would you feel if you accepted these statements as truth?  What would change in the way you showed up daily? It is very important to […]

Chia & Coconut Pudding for dessert

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What could be more delicious, cooling, and nutritious than chia pudding!  Here’s a variation you will love, just in time for summer! INGREDIENTS (serves 4) 5 Tbs chia seeds 1 ¼ cups canned coconut milk PASSION FRUIT SAUCE 10 passion fruit, halved, pulp and seeds removed 4 tbs agave syrup   In a bowl, mix […]

Your desire is my passion

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I see you, I know how you feel, I know you want to feel good, look good, and yet…. There’s a stigma, a frowning upon, or worse yet…. You might be labeled as a fraud, as a fake, or even a liar. Why all this judgement?  Because you want to look good?  Because you want […]

‘Natural’ is not necessarily safe!

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Ok, here’s a rant coming at you!   I’m so tired of seeing and hearing comments on how can we ‘naturally’ cure something?   Like, how can I get off my thyroid meds and cure my thyroid disease, or how about this one…..I need to get rid of my pathogens and increase bile flow to […]

Lose weight with emotional clearing

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What if I told you, you don’t have to go on a diet, or even a detox in order to lose weight, you just need to remove the emotional junk that’s going on in your head. It never amazes me, how much weight my clients can ‘shed’ away by simply understanding their emotional triggers based […]

Passion brought me here

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Sometimes I feel like a nomad in the desert, traveling here and there but never quite arriving. It’s the life of the seeker, the artist, the creator and the perpetual student who never tires of learning. I am that person. I never wanted to admit it. But today, as I once again said good bye […]

It’s an easy ride…if you do it right

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There’s so much talk about intermittent fasting these days, and so much information online….but you might still find it confusing or unclear on how to start. I’m going to make it super EASY and hopefully pretty clear for you. First, yes….please do your own research.  Read up on it, and if you love the science […]

Ayurveda helped me become authentically me!

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I’ve always wanted to live an extraordinary life. I never saw myself as ordinary, in fact, I have always known I wanted to be different.  But I conformed, I tried to be the good daughter, mother, wife, etc, and well, I was, or so they tell me. But the desire was always burning….to experience life […]

I manifested her!

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Where do I even begin with this story?!  Seriously….I remember back, over 7 years ago, when I first started diving into the entrepreneurial world that I wanted to be different, a different type of health coach.  Offer something unique, rare, beautiful, with incredible results.  I wanted to change lives, minds, and make a real difference! […]

Want to feel juicier….physically and emotionally?

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Are you juicy?    Is your life Juicy? Juiciness is everything….It’s about how juicy you are sexually, how juicy you are physically (you know…. supple, soft….. not hard and dry),  and how juicy is your life in general. Are you literally all dried up, physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Is your body maintaining it’s essence and […]

Purple is beautiful!

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I’ve been trying to write this blog for such a long time, all of January to be exact, but for some reason I’ve been resisting.  Actually, I know why….’writing’ the blog is just too slow, and right now I’m craving fast!   A sure sign that my Vata is out of balance….time to get grounded. In […]

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