Annette ShellenbargerAs a Registered Nurse, Certified Yoga Health Coach, and Registered Yoga Teacher…

I help people change the way they live in order to change the way they feel.

I teach you how to eat healthy EVERY day of your life, not just now-and-then when you think about it. The key? Learning the unique-to-you triggers that cause you to slide off the healthy eating wagon and back into your old habits. And creating new triggers for more nourishing habits; the kind that are actually aligned with the lifestyle you want to live. It’s about taking baby steps.

Think: Consistent progress. Continual improvement. And dramatic results over time. Whether you choose to skip dessert this evening, go for a walk after dinner, or get an early night so you feel energized and motivated in the morning — rather than sluggish and defeated — it’s these kind of gradual changes that ultimately make ALL the difference. When you choose to live day by day, moment by moment, you’ll discover the power of conscious living — and a healthier, happier, more vibrant you.

I’m here to help you feel beautiful in your body and empower you through food!

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